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Summary Testing Editor
Category construction
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) limodou

The NewEdit is a testing project. It is based on lots of mixins and plugins. So expand it is more easily.

It is writtened in Python + wxPython.

The lastest software version is :

  • Python 2.3.3
  • wxPython Unicode Version


Build a neatly and powerful editor. And expanding function is more easily.

The main features:

  • A flexible mixin and plugin framework
  • User can add his own plugin to process the text

Project Document


Software Download

The software can be downloaded at Download Area. In this wiki, you can download source code and windows installer. And you can download some plugins, but it is still underconstructed. Some plugins have been shipped with NewEdit, please check the plugins directory.

If you want to get the newest source code, you should use CVS. And I'v written a blog about How to get the newest source code of NewEdit from cvs.


Visit at: ScreenShot


Visit at: NewEdit Wiki. You can find many interesting things.

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